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Earmilk Premiere: Ephram delivers a modern twist of neo-soul in “HAF”

Up and coming performer and singer Ephram’s new track “HAF” epitomizes the sound of vibrant, intoxicating R&B. Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars and Daft Punk, Ephram provides an emotional, impassioned vocal and lyrical performance partnered by soulful, organic instrumentation. Integrating elements of D’Angelo-esque neo-soul production, Ephram takes us back, but with a modern, crisp twist which reminds me of early work by The Weeknd. Ephram strives to emulate the musical attributes of his greatest influences, and you […]



“It [music] very very much comes from my own personal struggle. Connecting with people is something I’ve always had difficulty with, but whenever I would change myself to try to be more relatable I would feel as though it wasn’t a true reflection of who I am.”



Hugo Filipe


Hugo Filipe